With perfect roses comes the perfect box. Our iconic and luxurious gray Meraki Boxes are custom-made to house your preserved Ecuadorian roses. Redefining the floral industry, Meraki Rose brings luxury with high-quality products, exceptional customer service, and superior style.


Not Your Ordinary Box

Our premium preserved roses deserve to be packaged in the best way, not just in any ordinary box. For a year, our team of experts paid attention to every detail to create a custom designed box. From the inner velvet lining, to the thickness and texture of the box, we made sure your roses sat perfectly in your package.


Securely Protected

Quality is important to us, which is why our Meraki team packaged your floral box inside an outer Meraki Box to serve as another layer of protection during the shipping process. Within your outer box, your main rose product sits comfortably between layers of foam to prevent your gift from being damaged.


First Impression Matters

Each detail of your gifting experience is valued to our team and every moment counts. When you unwrap your Meraki Rose box, you will come across a single layer of our branded tissue paper which serves as a protect for your stunning lid.


Fully Transparent Top

Our fully transparent top allows your loved one to see each individual rose without having to take the lid off. We take pride in our products and we know you would love to show off the vibrant roses that sit inside your box. With our transparent lid, you can display your gift anywhere, protected and free from dust.


Love Certificate

Each Meraki Rose Box is made to order. Your Love Certificate certifies that we carefully examine and package each order to ensure it meets the quality standards of our company.


Signature Meraki Ribbon

Like our signature gray box, we took time to prefect our Meraki Ribbon. Our Meraki Ribbon, is tied professionally by our team so it is ready for you to gift it to a loved one. A gorgeous box of premium roses must have a gorgeous ribbon to top it off!

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