A rose, as graceful and elegant as can be, has touched the hearts of many. Dubbed the “Queen of Flowers,” it is no secret that roses are the perfect and classic way to express one’s feelings towards another. It’s silky petals, and natural scent continues to attract lovers and friends to use these special flowers to express their feelings all throughout the year.

Meraki Rose is committed to bring the best quality roses to you which is why our roses are grown fresh in Ecuador. With high altitudes and long-lasting sun light throughout the year, Ecuadorian roses are proven to have larger blooms, and vibrant color varieties. Our roses are carefully picked and processed so you can enjoy your floral box for years to come.



Custom colors are available upon special request. Please contact for inquiries.

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Preserved to Last

Fresh Ecuadorian roses were treated with special ingredients such as glycerin to preserve the rose's perfect shape and color. Meraki Roses lasts anywhere from one to several years with proper care.


Naturally Grown in 


Our beautiful roses were grown, picked, and processed professionally in Ecuador at an altitude of 5790m. Because of the high altitude and location of our farms, our roses experience natural light the whole year creating larger blooms than most. 


No Water Required

By following our simple care guide, our roses can last for at least one year! Remember, no sunlight or water is needed when caring for our roses.

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