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Based in Southern California, Meraki Rose was founded by the creators of Dean Bernard Events and Amalfi Decor with the purpose to make an everlasting gift that expresses how you feel for that special someone. Coming from the events and retail industry, the Meraki Rose team understands how important gifts are when sending them to someone who means a lot to you. Whether its for a special occasion or ‘just because,’ our Meraki Rose team is dedicated in providing timeless arrangements that will never go out of style.

For over a year, our team worked closely with our suppliers to create our signature boxes. From specifying the right color shade to customizing the dimensions and shape, our boxes are of high-quality and a perfect fit for beautiful roses grown in Ecuador. Whether you need to find something for a friend, family member, or coworker, Meraki Roses are the perfect gift to put a smile on their face. It is the best gift to give for any occasion and any time of the year.



In Greek, there is a word that is used to describe the way people do things for those they love. That special word is Meraki, which refers to what happens when you leave your soul, creativity, and love in your work.

When you love doing something so much, you put so much time, thought, and energy into it that you leave a piece of yourself behind. Your essence is forever connected to what you do.